The Online Gambling Addiction Risk during the Corona Pandemic

The Corona pandemic which has been epidemic for more than a year has had a bad impact on many people as a result of the online gambling addiction risk during the corona pandemic. Many people fill their spare time to play with their respective gadgets. Activities in the digital world can have positive and negative influences to most of people. One of the negative activities that many people do in the digital world is playing online games. Online games played in most communities contain elements of gambling.

A pandemic that has many different effects for each individual and company. This is also seen as an opportunity for several companies to increase their business in the digital world. Most of the betting companies started their action and jumped into the virtual world, increasing competition from long-running online betting companies. There are various forms of betting offered in games in the digital world such as: virtual sports matches, bingo games, poker, to virtual casinos.

This situation is dangerous because it carries the risk of being addicted to online gambling during the corona pandemic for those who have the potential to be addicted to gambling. For some people who do not like to gamble, they may see gambling as merely entertainment to fill the void, but there are also many people who are affected financially. There are also many the online gambling addiction risk during the corona pandemic having a negative impact on a person’s mental side.

Online Gambling is On the rise

Governments and health authorities in various developing countries are currently observing a rapid increase in online gambling and betting. Several governments in various countries have implemented many rules in their respective countries to reduce the online gambling addiction risk during the corona pandemic. However, these ventures do not easily limit online gambling. Sources working in government and health authorities say that the switch to virtual and skill-based casino games such as poker and backgammon has been increasing rapidly around the world.

There is even a study that the UK Gambling Commission has conducted recently found that 1.2% of people who gamble surely have a serious problem. Meanwhile, for online gambling, the figure is even higher, namely 2.5 percent.

Online betting companies are also increasingly creative in marketing and increasing public interest in playing and using their sites. For example, one of the world’s largest betting sites, showing virtual football matches between the fictional team Chelsea Pensioners and the Manchester Blues. In this virtual match, one can bet on the result of a match, the number of goals, the first team to score, and so on. This can increase the online gambling addiction risk during the corona pandemic.

Gambling can cause mental problems

The computer-generated fictional football match lasts only three minutes, so betting participants now don’t have to wait 90 minutes for the football match to end as usual. After the match ends in three minutes, then the next match starts immediately, and people can bet again. Football experts also warn, gambling addiction like this is also affected by how often a person bets. With a fictional three-minute football match business model like this, the threat of gambling addiction will be even higher.

Online betting companies and gaming companies often highlight their role and contribution in sport and social activities. They also donated funds for addiction management programs. However, during the lockdown period in various places, it was feared that there would be a new wave of addictions.

Although there is no accurate statistical data that directly calculates the impact of gambling addiction, experts say, apart from bankruptcy, gambling addiction also often causes mental problems to suicides. This is considered very fatal as a result of the online gambling addiction risk during the corona pandemic.

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