Cash Frenzy, an Online Slot Game Made by Spinx Games Limited

Online slot games are a category of casino games on the Playstore. It have had quite a number of fans to date. The gameplay is simple. However it’s fun. These make many android game lovers fall in love with this type of gambling-themed game.If you do a search on the Playstore, nowadays, many developers are developing and distributing this online slot game.

One of the most popular android slot games on the Playstore today is a slot game called Cash Frenzy. This game one of the games developed by the game developer Sphinx Games Limited. But what is interesting about this slot game?

Well, in this review, we will provide a brief review of this Cash Frenzy online slot game. Without further ado, just get on with it, here’s the full review for you. Check this out.

Online Slot Game

The Advantages of The Cash Frenzy Online Slot Game

In the first part of this review, we will discuss the interesting things that the Cash Frenzy game offers. For the casino game category, this Cash Frenzy game has many advantages.

One of the things that we think is quite amazing is in terms of game graphics. This game has HD quality graphics and animation. This high graphic quality makes the players feel at home playing this game for a long time.

The game features presented in this game are also very diverse. Some of the features that caught our attention when trying this game were the Mansion Quest feature and also the Cooking Frenzy. These two features can be said to be one of the special things about this Cash Frenzy game.

The Mansion Quest feature in this game allows you as a player to decorate a number of rooms. You can do that by rotating the available slot machines. Meanwhile, the Cooking Frenzy feature allows you to cook a number of foods in the same way. And of course by rotating the available slot machines.

This slot game online also offers many bonuses for its users, starting from Instant Rewards, Hourly bonuses to a number of bonuses that you can get if you complete daily tasks.

What’s interesting and also one of the advantages of this Cash Frenzy game is that this game provides a large selection of slot machines. No half-hearted, the number even reaches more than 100 slot machines.

The Weaknesses of The Cash Frenzy Online Slot Games Game

In addition to discussing its advantages, we will also provide a little about the weaknesses of this Cash Frenzy game from the side of Android users. From our search, actually this online slot game doesn’t have many weaknesses, apart from the presence of a number of advertisements.

The existence of this ad is understandable because it is indeed one way for this game developer to earn income. From a search on the product page, we also found a number of Android users who complained about the existence of bugs in this game.

However, we ourselves did not find any bugs in the latest version of this online slot game. Apart from these few weaknesses, this game still provides a fun slot experience for its users.

Smartphone Specifications Required

For the problem of the minimum specifications for an Android Smartphone to play this Cash Frenzy game. Based on information from the product page on the Playstore, a smartphone that can be used to play this game must have at least the Android operating system version 4.4 or above.

Apart from having a minimum Android OS version 4.4, your Android Smartphone must also have free memory of at least 100 MB, according to the file size of this game.

Those are some reviews from us regarding one of the online slot games made by Sphinx Games Limited, Cash Frenzy. Are you interested in trying this android slot game? If so, you can download it for free on the Playstore.

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