5 Things to Do in Tunica Besides Gambling 2021

Hm, what are the things to do in Tunica besides gambling? Tunica Resorts earns a respectable amount of money from its casino business as gambling destination, comparable to that of Atlantic City and Las Vegas. However, the casinos are only a small part of this thriving community.

Today’s post will highlight a few fun locations to visit in Tunica, Mississippi if you’re wanting to unwind after a hard day at the casinos. Some of the attractions listed here can be found at the casinos themselves, while others can be found nearby.

Things to Do in Tunica Besides Gambling

Tunica Resorts certainly makes for a terrific casino destination, even for individuals in your trip group who aren’t interested in slots, tables, or sports betting, due to its smaller size. As a result, everyone can visit the neighborhood and have a good time.

Are you curious to know more about the most popular attractions around the Tunica Casinos? Read on!. 

1. Gateway to the Blues Visitor Center and Museum

If you’re playing at 1st Jackpot Casino, the Gateway to the Blues Visitor Center and Museum is slightly under 3 miles away. Aside from their role as a visitor center, they also offer an eccentric gift shop on site that reviews recommend you visit.

The museum charges a $10 admission fee, and it takes roughly 90 minutes to go through. If you’re like the blues, you should absolutely pay the $10 and take a look around. Placards, movies, instruments, and even a recording studio are among the exhibits.

Yes, you are invited to try your hand at playing an instrument or singing in the studio. And, considering the number of displayed and autographed guitars adorning the walls, there’s a good chance you’ll run into some familiar faces.

2. Tunica RiverPark

Tunica RiverPark is a one-of-a-kind destination because of its on-site museum and environmental trails. Tunica RiverPark is a great place to spend a full day if you want to get away from the Tunica Casinos.

Best of all, the park is close to multiple Tunica casinos, so you won’t have to travel far to get some fresh air on the trails or learn something new at the museum.

Some reviewers have expressed dissatisfaction with the museum’s rather high admission charge, despite the fact that it is smaller than advertised. The magnificent views from the river, on the other hand, make this site well worth seeing.

It’s also a fantastic area to go bird-watching, as several people who have done so have noticed. And whether or not you’re interested in the area’s avifauna, seeing the swallow nests and watching the birds thrive in their natural surroundings is always fascinating.

3. Tunica Arena and Expo Center

Move over to 3873 Highway 61 N in Tunica if you’re searching for a great trade show, if the entertainment at the Tunica Casinos isn’t cutting it, or if you’re just looking for something fascinating to do in town. The Tunica Arena and Expo Center will be right in front of you.

Given its proximity to the Tunica Museum and the Tunica RiverPark (both of which are within one mile of each other), it’s an excellent spot to visit in combination with them.

Even better, if they’re putting on a show, reviewers have praised the fact that there isn’t a terrible seat in the house. You’ll get dynamic views of all the action whether you’re closer to the action or higher up in the stands.

In fact, some people said they’d rather sit in the higher seating portions than on the lower floors because of the better view.

4. Tunica Museum

Tunica, Mississippi, is currently known as a casino town that rivals Vegas and Atlantic City.

However, there was a time when casinos did not exist. The Tunica Museum is also where you can learn about life in the area before the casino industry arrived.

The history lessons begin when the area was primarily populated by Native Americans, continue through the region’s industrial past, and conclude with the construction of the first casinos. 

You’ll also get a history lesson on the area’s culture, arts, and even natural history.

5. Tunica National Golf and Tennis

Tunica National Golf and Tennis, located at 1 Champions Lane in Tunica, is a great place to visit.

Aside from the recognized golf course, the accompanying restaurant offers reasonable costs. So, after you’ve finished your round, come in and grab a bite to eat before continuing on your tour of the Tunica Casinos or the Tunica area as a whole.

If you want to play tennis, there are a few indoor clay courts where you may do so even if the wind is howling and the rain is pouring. In addition, the clay surface is gentle on the knee and ankle joints.

Ho ho! Which things to do in Tunica besides gambling that impress you first? Hopefully you will have your best moments on them!. 

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