6+ PERFECT Things to Do in Jeju Island in Winter in 2021

things to do in jeju island in winter

Having plans for a trip to South Korea? Well, you should decide what the things to do in Jeju island in winter before going there. 

Although winter in Korea can be bitterly cold, the charming Jeju Island is never more beautiful than in the winter. In comparison to the mainland, Jeju Island is located far south across the sea from the Korean Peninsula and has a mild and temperate climate.

What The Things to Do in Jeju Island in Winter?

Jeju Island, on the other hand, offers dynamic natural conditions that suit whatever you want to experience, thanks to Hallasan Mountain soaring high into the sky in the middle. 

Create a near-perfect Jeju itinerary with our top picks for things to do in Jeju Island during the winter season if you’re planning to visit during this winter season.

1. Hike up Hallasan Mountain

Hike to the top of Hallasan Mountain, South Korea’s tallest mountain, and take in the amazing views of Jeju’s natural beauty. It is, without a doubt, at its most beautiful in the winter. Hikers are rewarded with breath-taking views of the mountain’s massive crater lake from atop the peak.

2. Camellia Hill

Visitors can stroll through gardens of spectacular winter camellia explosions at this Jeju winter flower garden, which is a popular Instagrammable spot. 

Camellias, also known as the Queen of Winter Flowers, bloom until late spring, and when they burst with vibrant colors in the winter, every photo taken in Camellia Hill will undoubtedly get you some extra Instagram likes.

3. Hallim Park Garden

Travelers will be undecided which botanical garden to visit because there are so many to choose from. Simply go to Jeju and see what it has to offer. 

Hallim Park has nine themed gardens and a variety of attractions, including two lava caves and a Jeju folk village. If you visit the park in the winter, you can see the incredible daffodil arrangement.

4. Maze Land

The Maze Land is the ideal place to visit if you want to add some fun to your winter trip to Jeju without being too active. This eco-friendly park has three mazes, each with its own theme: stone, wind, and Haenyeo (Jeju’s female diver). 

Not only is it exciting to find your way out, but the experience is also beneficial to your health because these mazes emit phytoncides, which stimulate the immune system. So go ahead and take a walk through the maze walls during the winter when exercising is difficult.

5. Jeju Alive Museum

You’ve arrived at the right place if you enjoy posing in front of the camera. The Jeju Alive Museum is a magical place filled with three-dimensional art. 

To bring the artwork to life, strike your best pose in front of the camera. Come and get creative with your friends and family with five different main themes including optical illusion, digital, sculpture, and Provence art!.

6. Paradise Casino in Jeju

Do you want to go to Casinos in Korea? Jeju Grand Paradise Casino The best of both city and nature can be experienced at the top tourist destination on Jeju Island, which is only 10 minutes away from the Jeju International Airport. 

Customers can enjoy classy services while admiring Jeju’s beautiful scenery at the best casino that represents Jeju.

7. Nexon Computer Museum

Have you ever visited a computer museum? You might be wondering what a computer museum is. So, why don’t you take a look at it? The Nexon Computer Museum is a computer wonderland where you can learn about the history and development of computers and games. 

Displaying everything from the earliest computers and video games to the most cutting-edge technology. Whether you’re a computer nerd or not, you’ll have a great time at this exhibition.

In the end, these are some recommended activities about the things to do in Jeju island in winter. Well, which one do you interest first?.

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