5 BEST Things to Do in Busan in Winter for Tourists and Locals

things to do in busan in winter

Looking for things to do in Busan in winter? Busan is a fantastic city in the country’s south, on the East Sea. It is a popular tourist destination, particularly during the hotter months of late spring, summer, and early autumn. 

That isn’t to say that winter isn’t a good time to go. The city has a certain attraction and offers a variety of winter activities. In this Busan travel guide, learn more about things to do in Busan during the winter.

What The Things to Do in Busan in Winter?

Apart from the main things to do in Busan throughout the year, there are a few winter-specific activities that will round out your winter vacation. The following is a list of the best winter activities in Busan.

However, you should know that Busan has slightly warmer temperatures than the rest of the country. In December, January, and February, the average temperature is around +3°C. The temperature is usually around 0°C, but on the coldest days, it can drop to -10°C.

1. Ice Skating At Shinsegae Department Store

The Shinsegae Centum City in Busan has a nice ice skating rink that is open all year, but it is especially enjoyable in the winter. 

It can facilitate up to 500 people and is suitable for people of all ages. Other amenities include a food court, a culture hall, and customer lounges, in addition to ice skating.

2. Christmas Tree Festival

Every year in December, Busan hosts a massive Christmas Tree Festival that takes place throughout the city. It lasts about 40 days and takes place in Korea during the Christmas season. There are 3 separate zones, each with its own distinct theme. 

The main attraction is an 18-meter-tall Christmas tree in Busan’s downtown area, which is surrounded by daily performances. This is the ideal event to attend during December in Busan.

3. Seven Luck Casino Busan Lotte

Busan is the former capital of South Korea and a cultural center. The annual film festival is one of the more well-known events held in this internationally acclaimed destination. 

Lotte Hotel Busan is located in the heart of the city and houses the prestigious Seven Luck Casino, which has nearly 50 gaming tables and over 80 gaming machines.

The casino is a traditional European-style casino, and it is one of three owned and operated by Grand Korea Leisure (GKL) in the Republic of Korea for the pleasure and enjoyment of foreign visitors. The Seven Luck Seoul Gangnam and 7Luck Seoul Hilton are the other casinos. Now, tourists can play in Korean Casinos.

4. Sea Life Aquarium

The Busan Sea Life Aquarium is a fantastic place for people of all ages to visit, particularly during the cold winter months or on rainy days. Over 250 different animals, including fish, reptiles, amphibians, and algae, are housed in the Busan aquarium. 

The aquarium’s highlight is a huge glass underwater tunnel that transports you deep into the ocean while allowing you to admire the amazing animals swimming above. The aquarium is a good place to start if you’re not sure what to do in Busan during the winter.

5. Eden Ski Resort

The last things to do in Busan in winter is the Eden Valley ski resort. It is a great day trip from Busan, and it’s also the closest ski resort to the city. It is one of Korea’s smaller ski resorts, but it is a great place for beginners to learn to ski. 

There are 5 ski slopes and 3 chair lifts at Eden Valley Resort. Early February is the best time to visit Eden. In February or late January, the weather in Busan is still cold but pleasant.

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