Must Know Football Rules

Must Know Football Rules, when playing soccer players will follow the rules in the match. In this match, there are soccer rules, also known as law of the game. These rules will govern how the game will take place.

With the various game rules that apply, it will certainly make the game more exciting and challenging, right? Interestingly, some of these soccer rules were deliberately violated.

With this violation committed, it will certainly make the game tense. In the information on the situs judi online, there are many violations that occur because of deliberate violations. By not following the rules that have been set in the game of soccer, it means that you will reduce the points of the game as a whole.

When these rules are done well, the game will run well too. In total, there are more than 17 rules set in a soccer game. Here are some soccer rules that are commonly found in the world of soccer.

Rules in Penalty kicks

Must Know Football Rules

When playing soccer, there are soccer rules that must be obeyed, otherwise it will fall into the category of violations. One of the rules that often apply and are encountered is penalty kicks. Penalty kicks in the world of football are valid if you commit a foul in this penalty box. By committing a foul, the player will kick from this penalty point.

When you take a penalty kick and go straight into the goal, it is called a goal. If there is a ball that bounces off the goal and is directly put into the goal by the opposing player it will also be declared a goal. Penalty kicks may also be taken if the score of the game is level and is used to determine who is the winner.

Rules of Throw-In

In soccer games that are often found on the field, these soccer rules must be followed properly. The existence of this throw is done for those who do not make the ball not get out of the field line.

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Rules in Kick Kick aka goal kicks

This goal kick occurs when a ball strikes at the goal and goes out of line. Those who successfully take this goal kick must comply with the applicable soccer rules. With this fun game it will definitely make the football rules easier. / Aha