Fruit Warp Slot Review: RTP 97% (Thunderkick)

Are you looking for the Fruit Warp slot review? This game  manages to be both unique and fruity at the same time, which is something you wouldn’t expect from a fruit-themed slot machine. 

This Thunderkick slot doesn’t have any reels, but it does have the 9 fruit symbols that are found in so many classics, and the result is intriguing. We’ve got a game with a lot of volatility and a lot of potential, but it’s also unique.

A Brief of Fruit Warp Slot Review

To begin with, Fruit Warp has no reels, only 9 symbols that appear at random. It appears that wins of up to 11,000x are possible, resulting in a prize pool of $1,100,000. 

With an RTP of 97%, the game certainly has enough positive attributes to entice you to give it a try. We’d add the Warp Meter and re-spins to the list of advantages.

1. Bet and Prizes

When it comes to betting, lines don’t seem to matter much in Thunderkick slot machines, and they don’t seem to matter much in this one either. The betting range is always $0.10 to $100, which you can change on the Bet screen. The paytable values fluctuate, indicating how much you can earn from them.

The prizes mentioned in Fruit Warp can go up to 11,000x, which is obviously a lot for a slot machine. There are a lot of things that go beyond that, but potential isn’t everything. 

You’ll also need a game with a high RTP to give yourself the best chance possible, at least in theory. Fruit Warp has a 97% RTP, which is fantastic for a slot machine.

Given the payouts, this can only be a high-volatility slot, so don’t expect big wins to come easily.

2. Slot Features

With 9 fruit symbols appearing in front of you each round, you’ll need a minimum of 3 of the same type to win a prize. You’ll need more matching fruits to get the best results.

When four matching fruits appear on the screen, you’ll be given access to a Portal Respin, which involves the rest of the symbols on the screen. They’re taken away and replaced with new symbols, giving you a chance to get more fruits of the same type that activated this feature.

You can access one of the Fruit Modes if you have at least 5 matching fruits in view. There is a Warp Meter in play, which you can advance as long as you get wins with the right symbols. You can get multipliers and extra lives as you progress through the levels. 

Each time you win, the multipliers will increase until they reach their maximum value. The multiplier increases as the number of symbols in a winning combination increases.

3. Design and Theme

It not only plays like an unexpected slot machine, but it also has an unusual appearance. The background gives the impression that these fruits are floating in a green liquid, surrounded by oxygen bubbles. 

There are some symbols that are easily recognized, such as oranges, bananas, cherries, or grapes, but there are also some exotic options.

Our Conclusion

In conclusion of Fruit Warp slot review, the game should be a fun game to try out because it is unique while also having the potential to pay out a lot of money, which is a great combination. you can login coloksgp now!

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