3 Helpful Review Foxin Wins: Free Spins and Bonuses for You

Foxin Wins slot

Foxin Wins slot is one of NYX Gaming’s most popular. You may hear “Have a Foxin good time” which is the promotional slogan of online slot Foxin Wins.

Hm, is that slogan correct? Do you have great fun when you play the slot machine? In any case, Foxin Wins is like a festival for people.

In the background you can see the cave, oh sorry, the wonderful villa where the main character of the castle lives: a sympathetic fox. This fox is warm. The slot is also full of beautiful 3D animations.

Curious about Foxin Wins more? Well, let’s move on to other information.

Review Foxin Wins Slot

1. The Game and Super Bet

Foxin Wins has 5 reels and 25 paylines. The minimum bet is 25 credits at 1 cent, so $0.25.

The main symbol on the reels is of course the fox, which acts as a Wild (joker). However, the joker is not alone on the reels. 

Behind the reel 3 are ‘fox pups’ hidden, so young foxes. After every spin, such a pup can appear to flip one of the symbols and turn it into an extra Wild.

Foxin Wins has something special: you can play with two types of ‘Super Bet’.

  • For an extra 10 credits per spin, the fox pups are also behind reels 2 and 4
  • For the extra 25 credits per spin, the fox pups are behind all the reels

Therefore, the more you bet, the more jokers the slot gives and the more chance of big prizes. You can set the Super Bet with the lever on the right side of the screen, above the red chair.

2. The Features in Foxin Wins

Actually, Foxin has three features and the bonuses game. 

1. Free Spins

If you land 3 or more scatter symbols, in this case a pot of gold you will win 10 free spins with a multiplier of x2.

2. Fox Funds

After each winning spin, the fox can appear in full view, dressed in a tight banker’s suit. He walks up to you and throws coins at you. The Fox Funds feature appears completely randomly.

3. The Shake Down

The fantastic mister fox runs after a leprechaun. When he catches the gnome, he shakes it upside down, in terms of loose coins. The Leprechaun can also appear randomly after every winning spin.

4. The 1000 Spins on Fox Wins

We played nice and cheap with the lowest possible bet: a quarter per spin.

In addition, Foxin Wins comes close to free gambling. You can win something almost every time, because of the multitude of jokers that fall. 

The fox pups show up approximately once every 13 spins, if you play with the standard bet.

The prizes are worth it: if you bet $0.25 and win more than $2.50 in a spin, that is already on the thick side. 

Moreover, the features also fall at a reasonable pace and are top-notch entertainment.

Fox Funds is funny, we really have to laugh out loud at the Leprechaun Shake Down, with the fox sneaking after the leprechaun. And when he catches the Leprechaun, he grins happily at you.

We also received 10 free spins. Those yielded quite a bit of money, especially because you can score another free spins during the 10 free spins. For example, we once received 30 free spins in a row, good for a profit of  $18.11.

Furthermore, the slot machine excels through endless variations of winning sounds. And the soundtrack that plays during the Free Spins is the happiest we’ve ever heard. After 1000 entertaining spins, we still made a profit: $17.13. Whoops!.

In conclusion, If you want to become a millionaire, Foxin Wins slot is the wrong slot. However, if you want to play on a very attractive slot machine that won’t cost you a lot of money if you play quietly, Foxin Wins comes close to being the perfect dominoqq slot as far as we are concerned.

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