Calavera Crush Slot Review RTP 96% (Yggdrasil)

You must be looking for the Calavera Crush slot review. You might need to use a dictionary to comprehend the title of this game by the Swedish software developer Yggdrasil Gaming. 

After browsing Wikipedia, we learned that a Calavera is a picture of a human skull. While this might sound depressing at first, it really has the opposite effect because Calaveras can be produced from sugar and are used in Mexican Day of the Dead festivities. 

Since time is of the importance, let’s dance our way into the world of Calavera Crush, which includes elements like a scatter pay mechanism, avalanches, free spins, gambles, a progressive win multiplier, and bonus buys. We could delve deeper into this intriguing tradition, but time is of the hour.

Summary of Calavera Crush Slot Review

Any events even vaguely related to the Day of the Dead are often loud, colorful, and festive. One of the most relaxed instances of those things is Calavera Crush. 

Though the Mariachi segment has some brighter moments, the music as a whole leans more toward the lounge side. 

The graphics of Calavera Crush are also more understated than grandiose. The neon-on-dark rows of skull symbols effect is fairly cold yet has a little resemblance to Thunderkick’s Esqueleto Explosivo 2 experience.

1. RTP and Volatility

Played on a 6-column, 5-row game panel, Calavera Crush awards winnings if eight or more matching symbols are visible anywhere on the grid. 

An avalanche feature is activated by wins in the main game and bonus game. This feature clears the reels of winning tiles, allowing symbols to fall into the vacant spots. Once no fresh victory is produced, successive avalanches keep happening in this manner.

The statistics show that wins happen 41% of the time, contributing to a maximum RTP of 96%, which might decrease to 94%, 90.5%, or 86% depending on the market and settings. 

Calavera Crush slot review is a highly unpredictable nusantara77 slot game that can be played on any device and allows wagers ranging from 20 percent to $100 every spin. Players can also choose to place a Golden Bet, which raises the bet by 25% while doubling the likelihood of getting free spins.

2. Paying Symbols

Calavera Crush slot review Coincidence with Candy Crush? Maybe, maybe not, but sweets is a prominent theme on the paytable. There are six low-paying symbols—triangle lollipops, round lollipops, cupcakes, doughnuts, wrapped candies, and something covered in cream—and four high-paying symbols—four Calaveras. 

Landing 8 of a type pays 0.15 to 10 times the wager, while victories of 12 or more pay out 2 to 100 times the bet. The game’s key elements are the wild symbols. Once all of the winning symbols have been eliminated, a wild symbol will at random fill one of the open spots. 

Any pay symbol can be substituted by a wild, and each wild that appears on the grid raises the win multiplier by one, two, or three times. The win multiplier in the base game resets between paid spins.

3. Game Features

Calavera Crush slot review contains a free spins extra round that is activated when at least four scatter symbols appear in the regular game, in addition to avalanches that add wilds and progressive multipliers. 

Eighteen free spins are awarded for getting four scatters, five scatters, or six scatters. In the free spins round, landing 4 or more scatters grants an extra +4 spins.

Once they’ve been activated, free spins may either be collected or gambled for a chance to win more. Up to 18 more free spins can be added to winning wagers, while losing wagers forfeit everything. 

The fundamental guidelines for free spins are now essentially the same as those for the standard game, with the exception that the win multiplier can increase by up to +10 instead of the usual +1-3 and does not reset between free spins. 

Finally, players may ensure a six-scatter trigger for 400x the stake or purchase a standard 4, 5, or 6 scatter-triggered bonus round for 100x the bet.

Final Words

It’s possible that not everyone will enjoy sugary skulls or, consequently, Calavera Crush. Although there are some enjoyable aspects to this game, it doesn’t seem to be one that Yggdrasil put its heart and soul into. 

In fact, a sneaking feeling developed that Yggdrasil didn’t send its best crew on Calavera Crush since, despite the pyrotechnics and upbeat music, it feels a little off-balance and lackluster.

The gameplay and features are adequate; for a scatter-pays game, they are really rather captivating. Instead, the slot lacks the high level of refinement we’ve come to expect from a top-tier designer like Yggdrasil and has a little clumsy feel to it. 

Compare the production values of Calavera Crush slot review to, for instance, Of Sabers and Monsters WildFight, which was released about the same time.

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