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In it's recent project, I-GLE studio constructs the experimental approach to form in terms of clothing, by the principles of distorted mirror reflexion. Exploring that way the skewed threedimensionality of the cut, they arrive to the almost abstract artistry of a purely concrete part of a standard article of apparel. The sole functionality of the design is in this procedure intentionally superior to the tendentious disfiguration, yet the level of usefulness is kept in a rhythmical encounter of the clear and simple, and the overdone and distorted. The principle of the skewed reflection has been carried out in the dark cotton fabrics with an occasional flare of whiteness. Knitted parts are black and based on visual deconstruction, splitting the sheets into thick lines respectively.

Since this is not a classically set collection, refferred to a specific season of the year or the postulate of wearability, the concept of installation has been chosen as the form of presentation. In the gallery space, within the frame simulating the light display of a body in mechanics, the movements evoke the impression of a moveable object without determinining its identity. The absence of identity pleads on no clear and specific social engagement in the manner of questioning one's position in any context.

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